Marko Tirnanić primarily works with video and public installations. He is interested in power relations, for example those between the individual and the state, those dominated and those ruling. In his work Aversion to Activity/Eight of March, we follow a group of women who find themselves at a party devoid of men. The women are able to drink and experience a sense of freedom, without the presence of any oppressive control mechanisms in place. Even in that isolated space, patriarchal structures still appear to have an impact on them. With his film, Marko Tirnanić sets out to highlight the importance of fighting against habitual gender roles.

camera Anto Vega / music Nestor Janković / director of photography Marko Sovilj

actress Sofia Belobrković

text Miško Šuvaković / taken from the lecture at FMK Belgrade

translation Vesna Strika

curator Zorana Đaković Minniti